Why Do Most Kitchen Knives Dull After Just 1 Month
Of Use… And How Do You Keep Your Knife Sharp
For 50 Years Or More Without Replacing It?


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PLUS: How Knives Made With Damascus Style Steel Are Stronger And Nearly Twice As Sharp… And Why Japanese Knives
cost Over $900 A Pop
The Shinzo Chef Knife:

Chop Meats And Veggies So Quickly, Safely, And Effortlessly That Prep Time Is
Cut In Half

With A Knife Made Of Unique Damascus-Style Steel So Sharp And Durable, It Won’t Dull, Rust, Or Chip For 50 Years - Or We’ll
Replace It For FREE

Cooking at home helps men & women stay healthy and save money - but it also means they CHOP a lot. Which means their kitchen knives go dull fast… especially if they’re using a cheap, western style knife.

Here at PaleoHacks, we’ve run into the same problem time and time again: Cooking healthy is tough on kitchen knives!

Which is why we scoured the globe for a kitchen knife so sharp and durable, it lasts through years of chopping and dicing.

Our search led us to the all-purpose 8-inch Shinzo Chef Knife – a masterpiece crafted in the Far East from steel made with Japanese-inspired techniques. It’s stronger and nearly twice as sharp as western kitchen knives… a knife perfect for the demanding needs of your kitchen.

A Dull Knife Is A Dangerous Knife - Plus, It Makes Chopping Veggies
A Difficult,
Frustrating Chore

Have you seen these “cheap knife” warning signs in your kitchen?

If you have to strain when you chop - it’s because your knife has gone dull… which is a problem because dull knives cause accidents. All it takes is one little slip, and you could nick yourself or drop the knife.

Most cheap knives lose their edge after just 1 month of use. As a result, you’re stuck chopping onions, tomatoes, celery, and steaks with a knife that’s frustrating and dangerous to use… especially if you’re preparing hard vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, or squash.

Most Western Kitchen Knives Dull After
1 Month Of Use
Because They’re
Made From Cheap, Soft Steel That Doesn’t Last

As a result, prep time becomes a time-consuming chore that bottlenecks the whole cooking process…

Which means living a healthy lifestyle becomes harder and falling off the bandwagon becomes easier.

When It Comes To Kitchen Knives, I Have One Rule Of Thumb - If I Cut Myself On A Knife, It’s Time To Throw It Away

My name is Kelsey Ale and I’m a cookbook author here at PaleoHacks. We cook a LOT of recipes… which means we do a LOT of chopping.

That’s exactly why a few months ago, the PaleoHacks kitchen team and I set out to solve this knife problem for good. We scoured the world… researched manufacturing locations… and talked to countless experts.

Our mission? Find a knife that meets the high-chopping and loads-of-dicing needs of PaleoHacks kitchens around the world. We needed a knife that meets just 2 requirements:

  • It needs to be so sharp, cutting meats and vegetables becomes effortless
  • And it needs to have an edge that’s so durable, we don’t replace it for 50 years or more

Our Search For A Beautifully Crafted, Long Lasting Kitchen Knife Led Us To The Far East, Where Blacksmiths Are Known For Forging The Most Expensive Knives In The World

The first thing we heard about Japan was that blacksmiths there have been forging knives for more than 2000 years - ever since the days of the samurai katana, the strongest sword in the world.

Oh yeah - and chef knives made there cost an astounding $900 a pop! Holy crap, am I right?

Obviously, this isn’t very practical for everyday men & women… yet our curiosity was piqued. Why were knives made there so expensive? The answer is eye-opening, to say the least…

Knife-Making In The Far East Is A Totally Different Process From The Mass Production “Assembly-Lines” Used In The West

In Europe and America, knife-making takes place in factories… where machines with robot arms cut and assemble steel blocks into the knives we use. The whole process is optimized for speed, cost, and mass-production… similar to how textiles or toys are made.

In Japan, however, knife-making is an art form refined over millennia… and it’s treated with precision, care, and spiritual respect.

Knives are works of art - not cookie-cutter replicas spit out of machines. They’re made by professional blacksmiths and sword craftsmen who’ve been forging knives for generations.

It’s an art that started back in feudal Japan, where a samurai’s life depended on the steel in his sword. Samurai katanas are the strongest and sharpest swords in the world - capable of slicing bamboo trees in half with a single slash, yet precise enough to cut a single human hair in two.

As samurais became outdated, the sword-making art lived on… the same process is now used to make the sharpest and most beautiful kitchen knives in the world.

In our search, we looked far and wide for months for a knife that measured up to the same sky-high standards.

After all - we do a LOT of chopping our PaleoHacks kitchen, so we needed a knife that LASTS.

Then one day out of nowhere, we discovered a masterpiece:

The Shinzo Chef Knife:

Handcrafted With Unique Japanese-Inspired Damascus-Style Steel So It’s Stronger And Sharper Than Nearly Any Western Knife

The Shinzo Chef Knife Is Made Of Unique Japanese-Inspired Damascus-Style Steel That’s Stronger And Sharper Than Most Knives

The Shinzo Knife is superior to regular kitchen knives in 3 specific ways. You see, most kitchen knives in the west are made from a single block of cheap metal.

Shinzo knives, on the other hand, are made from Japanese-inspired Damascus-style steel that’s welded together, superheated in a forge, and then cooled.

This intensive process hardens the steel and gets rid of impurities. As a result, this steel is often harder than normal.

This unique process is why Shinzo knives stay sharper longer and resist chipping and rust. It’s all capped off with a beautiful blade pattern.

The Shinzo Chef Knife Is Nearly Twice As Sharp As Regular Kitchen Knives

In the west, knife edges are measured at 25 degrees… which is decently sharp, but not exceptional by any means. In Japanese knife-making culture, however, that’s simply not sharp enough.

Remember - samurai blades had to be so sharp, they cut through steel armor, solid bamboo, even other metal weapons. It had to be so strong and reliable that a samurai warrior could stake his life on it…

As a result, a sword-makers entire career and reputation depended on the craftsmanship of his blades.

That’s why our Japanese-inspired Shinzo knives are sharpened to an edge of 15 degrees, instead of the normal 25 degrees most western knives hold.

The harder, stronger steel makes this razor sharp edge possible. Which means you’ll slice effortlessly through fruits, veggies, and meats, making prep time easier than ever.

Shinzo Knife
Handles Are
Perfectly Weighted And Balanced
For Smooth, Effortless Cutting

The Shinzo knife handle is weighted - it’s slightly heavier than most kitchen knife handles so the knife does the cutting… instead of your hand. Translation? Less effort. Less muscle. Less accidents. And easier chopping.

It’s not too heavy, either… instead, you have a perfectly balanced, secure, and comfortable grip that’s seamlessly welded for an incredible finish.

The steel, the blade, and the handle are beautiful - all hallmarks of a handmade masterpiece. Crafters in the far east pour their heart and soul into making these knives - which is why the word “Shinzo” literally means “heart” in Japanese.

The Shinzo Chef Knife Slices Effortlessly Through Meats, Vegetables, And Other Ingredients For 50 Years Or More - Or You Get A FREE Replacement

Thanks to the Shinzo knife’s expert level of craftsmanship, you can cut paper-thin slices of tomatoes with practically zero effort…

All the while, you don’t have to worry about having to use too much force or your knife slipping.

Which means chopping meats, vegetables, herbs, and other ingredients is faster, easier, and safer than ever. On top of that, one single knife lasts for years.

This level of speed, convenience, and efficiency is why professional chefs in Japan pay upwards of $900 for a quality knife that lasts.

But don’t worry - you don’t have to pay nearly as much.

Thanks To An Incredible Stroke Of Luck, We Were Able To One-Time Shipment Of 500 Shinzo Chef Knives For Our Followers

With all the supply chain issues going around, I was pretty pessimistic about getting a hold of a few of these beautiful Shinzo knives for our PaleoHacks kitchen as well as for our members…

However, fate intervened! By a random stroke of luck, the project manager of our recipe development team knew a supplier back east. They agreed to ship us a box of 500 Shinzo knives to try out.

They recently came in the mail… and when we tested them out in our PaleoHacks kitchen, we were blown away! Chopping and cutting was easier and faster than ever - and they’re every bit as sharp as they were when they arrived a few months ago.

Which is why today, we’re doing a special one-of-a-kind promotion. We took a few of these knives for our kitchen… gave some out to our PaleoHacks VIP members… and now we have a few leftover for the public.

If you love cooking healthy recipes and need a great kitchen knife to back you up - the Shinzo Chef Knife is perfect for the job.

That’s why for the few knives we have left… we’re going to offer an incredible discount.

You’ll Also Get a FREE Bonus When You Grab A Shinzo Knife Today

Shinzo Bonus:

12 FREE Shinzo Knife Recipes Prep These Recipes Faster, Easier, And More Effortlessly With Your New Shinzo Knife!

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Today, You’re Eligible To Grab One Of These 500 Rare, Valuable Shinzo Knives
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You see, today you won’t have to pay $900 for a handcrafted Shinzo chef knife, which is exactly what professional chefs in Japan pay for high-quality knives like these.

You won’t have to pay $497

You won’t even have to pay $280.

While Shinzo kitchen knives sell for $280 all day…

Today we’re letting our top PaleoHacks members in on an incredible 75% off discount…

…And Get A Shinzo Chef Knife Sent To Their Doorstep For Just $69.99!

I’ll be honest - it’s only because of our project manager’s connection that we are able to offer this discount…

And I have every reason to believe we won’t be able to offer these knives again at all…

Much less at this phenomenal price.

So if you’re interested in easier cooking…

If you plan on diving headfirst into cooking healthy meals with all its chopping and cutting needs…

If you want to make prep time easier and more efficient than ever…

I highly recommend you click the button below to grab a Shinzo chef knife for yourself.

It’s Guaranteed To Last For 50 Years Or More, Or We’ll Send You A Replacement For FREE

We believe in the sharpness, durability, and quality of these Shinzo kitchen knives so much…

And we’re so confident that they’ll make prep time far easier, safer, and more efficient for you…

That we’re putting a CRAZY guarantee on this offer.

Try the Shinzo Chef Knife for 50 years.

And if it EVER breaks, chips, or goes dull beyond what a simple knife sharpening tool can fix…

Just send us the knife back and we’ll replace it for FREE.

These 500 Shinzo Knives Will
Run Out FAST
Grab Them While They’re Still Available!

This is a real limit - we started out with just 500 Shinzo Chef Knives.

Once they’re gone, we’ll have to take this page down, and this offer may disappear forever.

Because the reality is…

Due to supply chain issues, we have no clue when we’re going to be able to get our hands on another box of Shinzo knives again. This may be the ONLY time we’ll ever be able to do this offer.

If the button down below is still there, it means there is still a Shinzo Chef Knife available for you.

So go ahead and click the button below to grab it now before this offer disappears forever. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see YOU in the kitchen!

- Kelsey Ale

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this Shinzo Chef Knife really last longer than regular kitchen knives?


The Shinzo Chef Knife is made with Japanese-inspired techniques. The unique Damascus-style steel stays sharper longer and resists chipping, rust, and corrosion. That’s why we’ve put a 50 year money-back guarantee on these knives.

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, just send us the knife back for a FREE replacement.

Does the Shinzo Chef Knife really make cooking and chopping vegetables easier, safer, and more convenient?


Our top PaleoHacks members cook several paleo and keto recipes each week… which means they’re chopping a lot of veggies, meats, and other ingredients! That makes regular kitchen knives go dull fast.

We found the Shinzo Chef Knife to be a perfect addition to any PaleoHacks kitchen, because the sharpness and the durability of the knives really does save us time, stress, and money.

Is the Shinzo Chef Knife really made of steel that’s stronger and sharper than regular steel?


The secret’s in the beautiful pattern on the blade. The metal is made of unique Damascus-style steel, which is manufactured to be stronger and higher-quality than normal kitchen knives.

Is there really a 50 year money back guarantee if the Shinzo Chef Knife breaks or chips?


We’ll replace any broken or rusted knife for FREE for 50 years. All you have to do is send us the knife back and we’ll ship you a replacement.

Is sticking to cheaper knives really THAT dangerous?


The majority of accidents happen with cheap, dull knives where you have to put more pressure to cut through ingredients.

Are there really only 500 Shinzo chef knives available?

Yes - this is a special promotion where we only have 1 shipment from Asia available. Once these 500 chef knives go, we will be all out and have no clue when we’ll be able to get another shipment. Our best guess is that it will take a LONG time… maybe not until next year.

How do I grab a Shinzo Chef Knife for my kitchen today?

Just click the button below to grab a Shinzo Chef Knife for yourself. You’ll be taken to a secure checkout page where you can put in your info, and we’ll ship it straight to your door.